Business Partnerships

"Partnerships between people, between companies, with customers and with suppliers create greater value for all concerned."
– Stanley C. Gault

Are you seeking a strategic partner or investor for your business or startup?  Are you interested in investing in Israeli companies or startups?  Do you need assistance in meeting the right people in the US or in the region?
Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Partnerships are what enables many companies to make continuous improvements. By sharing with others, you can direct your resources and capabilities to projects you consider most important.

Synergy is the power behind business partnerships. In a business partnership, two parties leverage their assets (resources, capabilities, expertise, client base etc.) for the mutual benefit of both.
In the new knowledge economy, the principles of business strategy are being transformed. Instead of a focus on physical assets and economies of scale, the drivers of success reside in connectivity and intangibles. Businesses increasingly need to develop and manage complex ecologies or organizations around themselves so as to succeed. The selection of strategic partners with whom to collaborate is now becoming a life or death issue for most firms.

With over 15 years experience in matching needs to results,  EDI is uniquely positioned to assist you to find the kinds of business partners that match your criteria.

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