The EDI team excels in representation, promotion, networking, planning and trade development.


Since 1991, EDI has provided its clients with specialized research, intelligence and strategies that facilitate their business with the Middle East and beyond.

EDI currently serves as the official regional trade and investment representative office for the US states of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. In addition, EDI offers consulting services to the State of Virginia and several European countries.

EDI also serves as the Israeli consultant to Invest Hong Kong, a government agency charged with promoting inward investment. In this capacity, EDI provides information and assistance to Israeli companies looking to develop their business in the Far East.

For those wanting to move ahead in the Middle East, EDI‘s rich regional experience and resources provide critical insights essential to the client’s decision making process.

EDI's other services include development of feasibility studies and customized research reports, as well as identification of potential joint ventures for commercial clients.

EDI also develops, markets and organizes seminars, conferences and the like related to business and management.EDI's particular forte concerns the business climate in the U.S. and Israel.

Lastly, EDI works with US Foundations involved with business management and leadership.