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Invest Hong Kong is a government service that encourages overseas entities to set up shop in the territory.  ATID, EDI has a long and successful relationship as the official partner of InvestHK in Israel.  For nearly a decade, we have helped dozens of Israeli enterprises and entrepreneurs from numerous sectors discover the commercial benefits of Hong Kong.

Israeli companies turn to ATID, EDI to seek out new partners in Hong Kong.  The success stories are many. We have created joint ventures for Israeli teams looking for technological support, new marketing channels, logistic facilities, etc.  The churn rate has been zero to date.

If there is one common theme – so many executives quickly come to appreciate not only how easy it is to create business in Hong Kong.  They also find themselves wanting to incorporate there.

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong has 9 unicorns, amongst the largest per capita in the world. Most of the large Chinese corporations are resident. It is easy to set up business in the territory.

The Opportunities

Hong Kong is open for business.  It offers grants and other benefits for high-tech companies wishing to find partners and / or complete development. Every month it hosts leading trade exhibitions.  It is relatively close to three of the largest global markets.

Setting up in Hong Kong?

Business is conducted in English. Opening a corporate structure is relatively painless and certainly speedy. Science and Hi-tech Parks welcome overseas members openly.

How We Can Help You

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have an ‘easy landing’ at the start of your journey.  We can recommend lawyers and accountants.  We have details of employment agencies and real estate companies, and we can supply case studies.

About Hong Kong

Compared to Israel and its 9.2 million people, there are about 7.6 million people living in Hong Kong.  You can fit Hong Kong 19 times into the size of Israel, which is only about the size of Wales.

On 1 July 1997, the UK returned the sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China.  The rule of law is determined by the catch-phrase “One country, two systems”.

Without doubt, Hong Kong is the commercial hub of the region.  Choose your yardstick: the size of its stock market, the combined tonnage of the ports in the area, the number of financial powerhouses in the territory, the enormity of the shopping malls, many hosting luxury international brands – Hong Kong dominates its neighbours.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city. It is not just tourists who eat out, but also the locals.  They boast top sports facilities, hosting international events.  The train and tram system ensure that it is easy to get around, and English is a common language.  You are made to feel very welcome.

Surprising Success of Israel – Hong Kong in 2020

Let us be blunt – the past year has not been easy for Hong Kong, given the social unrest and the Corona virus issue.  Yet in the heart of this, Alibaba raised US$15 billion on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  This is a resilient economy.

In parallel, more and more Israeli companies have shown an interest in Hong Kong.

– January 2020:  A pitch event was held in Tel Aviv, with 100 attending and the winner will take part in an international event in Hong Kong later in the year.

– February and March 2020:  We have seen no churn from clients set up in Hong Kong.

– February 2020: The Director General of InvestHK, Mr. Stephen Phillips, was a VIP guest at the Our Crowd Summit Conference in Jerusalem.

– March 2020:  We have seen new projects in the fields as diverse as international payments, digital art, e-sport and homeland security.

– April 2020:  We have been asked to explore the possibility of setting up two accelerators in Hong Kong.

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