Invest In Ontario

EDI serves as Invest In Ontario's Middle East regional office

Discover all that Ontario has to offer your business. Our vital economy, skilled talent, and competitive incentives make us the setting for the next chapter in your success.

Ontario, Canada is a premier location for international investment. Ontario’s skilled and diverse workforce, stable economy and robust business environment offer excellent opportunities for growth in all sectors. That’s why Ontario-made products and technologies are recognized for their innovation and exceptional quality. Competitive business costs, environment of innovation, and proximity to market make Ontario an ideal location for growth. Invest in Ontario, Canada and give your company the competitive advantage it needs to succeed in an increasingly global marketplace.


Ontario’s rich network of universities, private & public-sector institutions and R&D centres makes it the perfect environment for innovative companies to develop breakthrough concepts and technologies.


Quality of Life

More than a great place to start and grow a business, Ontario is a wonderful place to live. Here you'll find diverse, safe, affordable and welcoming communities, and a wealth of cultural and recreational activities.


Access to Market

Locating in Ontario makes it easier to reach broader North American and global business networks. Our location and extensive transportation infrastructure translate directly to expanded market access.


Educated Workforce

The most important ingredient for success? Talented people. You'll find the talent you need in Ontario, home to one of the world's most highly educated, skilled and reliable workforces.