Global Delaware

EDI serves as the State of Delaware's Middle Eastern Regional Office

Global Delaware is the state's economic development department responsible to aid any business, may in be local or foreign, expand and grow in Delaware as well as the International markets. Global Delaware is your one-stop-shop resource for business growth.

Why Delaware?

Ranked first in the nation for business friendliness, Delaware offers a straightforward incorporation process, an expert corporate legal community, with access to the largest consumer market in the U.S. and close proximity to New York and Washington D.C.



With its pro-business environment, high quality workforce and outstanding research universities, Delaware is among the strongest economies in the region and is ranked first in foreign direct investment by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation



Delaware offers many opportunities to expand your business internationally or globally. You'll have access to a variety of capital sources, grow your exporting activity and connect with an ever growing business community from any sector.



Delaware is the go to state in the United Stated when in comes to incorporating your business. Delaware's world class business, corporate and legal eco-system makes it the ideal choice for your business' expansion plans and efforts.