Major International Companies Cast Vote Of Confidence In Israel

Major International Companies Cast Vote Of Confidence In Israel

January 24, 2013
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Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer was in Israel in early November and made some incredible statements:

“This is my fourth visit to Israel and I am always excited and inspired by the distinctive inventiveness of the public and the entrepreneurs in Israel – which is a central reason why Israel is such an important market for Microsoft.

Many companies in Israel have experience in big data and we expect a lot of leadership from Israel in this area.

Technological innovation and incubators are the driving force behind Israel’s dynamic economy. Microsoft is proud to operate in this environment that nurtures innovation and has created such a large number of successful tech companies. Microsoft continues to be committed to our investments in Israel and our role in helping people and businesses achieve their full potential.

The UK law firm Berwin, Leighton Paisner (BLP) LLP, Britain’s fifth largest, with 1,000 attorneys worldwide, has expanded to Israel, opening an office in Tel Aviv as part of the expansion of its international operations. The firm’s customers include 59 companies on the Global Fortune 500 list. According to their CEO:  ‘We’re here because the Israeli business world is heading in directions which we see as markets of the future, like China and the Far East…. BLP sees the steady business growth of Israeli companies’ activity in international markets.”

Frans Van Houten, the CEO of the Dutch giant, Philips Global during a recent visit to Israel said: “Israel’s economic and organizational culture is consistent with Philips’ requirements…. Philips owes part of its enhanced performance (2nd quarter’s earnings – 17% above projections) to Israel’s excellent engineers in the imaging, data processing and data storage areas.  Philips has expanded its Israeli presence and acquisitions since 1999, when it acquired part of Israel’s Elscint, then Israel’s CDP and CDC…. Philips will expand its current 600 employee research & development center in Israel as well in 2013.

These are just a few examples of major global companies who are involved heavily in Israel and who see Israel’s economic future as both bright, contributory and in many cases essential to their company’s continue growth.

So no wonder that Israel remains a destination of choice for the world’s largest companies who understand the benefit of having people located in Israel who can both tap into the country’s rich reservoir of technological talent and have access to the rest of the region as well.  EDI, which operates regionally on behalf of our client states, is uniquely positioned to assist in facilitating these ties.