Market Research

EDI engages in detailed, custom-tailoredmarket research to fit the needs of ANY client.

EDI can provide you with insightful, comprehensive market studies covering any aspect(s) of the local market as soon as you need it.  The company provides current, accurate and pertinent information, gleaned by direct contact and not by merely “surfing” the Internet.





Through its 20+ years experience in the region and local contacts, EDI specializes in helping companies to penetrate markets in the Middle East and North Africa.  In addition, EDI offers similar services for country markets around the globe through its worldwide partners (See Global Coverage).

Some examples of previous topics researched by EDI include:


    • Restaurant Franchises in the Middle East
    • Vaccines in Israel
    • Medical Device Regulations in Turkey
    • Cars in Greece
    • Pilot training programs in the Middle East
    • Security/Defense Equipment in Israel
    • Medical Equipment in Pakistan


  • Water Resources & Industry in Jordan
  • Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey
  • Automated Banking Machines in Egypt