Merage MBA Initiative



The Merage Foundation initiative focuses on increasing MBA student capacity to develop and successfully implement company-based strategies to expand exports to the U.S. The curriculum includes modules concerning cultural differences between the U.S. and Israel affecting Israeli exports; effective U.S. market analysis, marketing, and networking; robust sales and distribution alternatives; successful U.S. negotiation and procurement options; and U.S. trade policies. Teaching and training approaches include lectures, live case studies, interactive discussions, role play, presentations by U.S. executives, visits to corporate headquarters, and initiation of real-world business projects. Faculty members are leading, experienced business scholars and practitioners in the U.S.
The Merage Foundation covers all costs of the Summer Initiative. Participants who successfully complete the program of studies may receive MBA course credit at their business schools with approval of their Deans.

Subsequent to completion of the Summer MBA Initiative, participants become Merage Foundation Fellows. Merage Fellows receive mentoring concerning career objectives as well as continuous opportunities to explore key ways to increase Israeli exports to the U.S.   

Criteria for Nomination and Selection

Applicants must be Israeli citizens and fluent in English. Except under special circumstances approved by their Dean, applicants must have completed at least 50 percent of the coursework (credit hours) required for the MBA degree. Nomination is based on high academic achievement, proven leadership ability, professional excellence, and ethical behavior. Selected Fellows demonstrate the capacity and commitment to assume key decision-making roles in the export of products and services from Israel to the U.S.             

The Merage MBA Initiative is run once a year during
the summer.

Co-operating Universities
barilan bengurion haifa
tau technion idc
Bar Ilan Ben Gurion Haifa Hebrew
Tel Aviv Technion IDC


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