Research, Analysis and Intelligence Gathering


If you are seeking In-depth, comprehensive information and research regarding industries in Israel, Turkey or the region at large and …

  • You have a client who wants to know more about a specific business sector in the region.
  • You need information that can only be gleaned by direct contact and not by merely "surfing" the Internet.
  • You need information now and not when someone can get around to it.
  • You need verified information that is current, correct and pertinent.

If your needs match any or all of the above requirements, EDI can provide you with the required information tailored to your specifications.

Why EDI?

  • Has access to every level of Israel’s business, research, and investment community and their CEOs & decision makers.
  • Has operated a successful business for over 17 years.
  • Edits and distributes a well respected fortnightly newsletter of regional business and economic news.
  • Represents multiple US states and other entities in the region.
  • Professionally assists Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor in their investment promotion programs.

Please contact us by clicking here to request information or a quote on a specific job.

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