American Trade Newsletter #133

American Trade Newsletter #133

November 7, 2016

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American Trade Newsletter #133 –
November 2016

To:       Regional Importers

From:   Mr. Seth J. Vogelman, Director

Date:    6 November 2016

Re:       American Trade Newsletter #133 – November 2016

American Trade Newsletter #133 features companies and products from our client states of Delaware and Pennsylvania.  All are looking for agents, representation or distribution in the region.

(1436)  Novel Membrane-Based System to Dewater Lubricating Oil
(1437)  Line of Natural OTC pharmaceuticals and nutritional products
(1438)  Enhanced eBooks for Children Learning English

(1439)  Pneumatic Controls for the Compressed Air Industry
(1440)  Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems
(1441)  Specialty Cements & Corrosion-Resistant Materials for Construction
(1442)  International Mobile TopUp, Remote Bill Pay & Prepaid Vouchers
(1443)  Phosphor Copper & Copper Base Master Alloys

►To receive additional information about these companies, please contact our office. 

Please send us your complete company details when asking for information on the American firms.  This will help us to have the US company to reply to you in a fast and efficient manner.


(1436) CMS is an advanced materials company, developing state of the art membrane technology and products for use in a variety of industrial applications.  CMS technology consists of a compact novel membrane-based system to dewater lubricating oil in real time.  Demonstrated in industrial environments, it removes virtually 100% of free and emulsified water and reduce dissolved water to well below 100 ppm.  The CMS system maintains extremely low moisture levels, working inline or in batch mode while equipment is resting.

(1437)  DNH combines Medicine with Natural Healing to offer a number of cost-effective healthcare products.  They manufacture a range of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutritional products, specializing in consumer healthcare and nutritional markets with products for OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription (Rx) pharmaceuticals for Asthma, Diabetes, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, feminine hygiene, allergy, cold/virus and other respiratory related diseases; baby formulas, multivitamins and Ez-Mix-in nutritional products.

(1438)  SKC provides digital subscriptions to a library of enhanced eBooks for children, parents and schools to provide new, interactive educational content in English that encourages reading and learning among kids 1 to 11 years old.  SKC offers subscriptions to an extremely affordable collection of +400 eBooks and interactive resources that can be accessed safely offline on mobile devices for anytime, anywhere reading and learning.  The read-along feature, which can be used in all of our books, helps kids learn the correct pronunciations of English words.  SKC is committed to helping raise the education level of kids through their contemporary, high-quality content; comprehension quizzes; and play activities like word searches, hangman and doodles.


(1439)  CV is a leader in design and manufacture of pneumatic controls for the compressed air industry.  Over the years, they have met the needs of compressor manufacturers and distributors around the world.  These controls include pilot valves, unloader valves, check valves, throttle controls, safety valves and discharge valves for the reciprocating compressor market.  Controls for the Rotary screw compressor market include minimum pressure valves, blow down valves, regulator valves, inlet controls, and shuttle valves.  CV also performs custom work and value added projects for various compressor manufacturers.  CV is searching for agents or distributors in the region.

(1440) CFI specializes in state of the art water & wastewater treatment systems with proven technologies that meet the most stringent environmental regulations.  CFI treatment systems have been installed successfully in a variety of applications around the world, handling flows from 500 gallons per day (1.89 m3/day) up to 650,000 gallons per day (2460.6 m3/day) removing pollutants such as BOD, TSS, FOG, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.  CFI also offers a line of Rain Harvesting systems and cistern tanks to help meet the demanding need for water worldwide.  With over 22,000 installations, CFI will continue to provide water and wastewater treatment with the best equipment and continued R&D to meet the ever changing regulatory demands.

(1441) Founded in 1899, SR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty cements and corrosion-resistant materials for construction.  SR offers a comprehensive selection of corrosion-resistant materials that protect concrete or steel for new construction and restoration applications.  SR also manufactures a diverse line of electrically insulating, thermally conductive, inorganic cements.  Offering continuous high-temperature service to 3000oF and dielectric strengths surpassing 100 volts/mil; they are particularly well-suited for electrical and general assembly, embedding, insulating, sealing, coating and potting.  Ceramic-based cements, such as those with inorganic fillers and silicate, phosphate, or calcium aluminate binder systems, are superior to organic materials.  (NOT Israel)

(1442)  GT is a Value Transfer service provider that offers International Mobile TopUp, Remote Bill Pay and Prepaid vouchers covering more than 135 countries around the world.  GT aim is to provide universal access for all of our customers, banked and unbanked, to their large and ever-growing variety of prepaid products.  Their low transaction fees and easy to use web portal provide their users a cost effective and convenient alternative to costly money transfer options.  Looking for agents, partners and re-sellers.

(1443)  MPC is a high quality manufacturer of phosphor copper and copper base master alloys, supplying to the copper and brass melting industry throughout the world.  Phosphor copper is their main product and is a specialty metal alloy used by companies that melt copper and brass.  Phosphor copper customers are copper tube manufacturers, brass mills, brazing rod manufacturers, brass ingot manufacturers, foundries and copper powder manufacturers.  In the copper and brass melting industry, it is standard and necessary practice to use phosphor copper for three primary purposes: (1) as a deoxidizer; (2) as an alloying additive that increases strength, hardness and elasticity; and (3) in brazing alloys to lower the melting point and improve wetting characteristics.


In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office.

You are also invited to send us product requests, for we can also attempt to source virtually any product from American manufacturers.  We request you provide as many specifications as possible, for this will facilitate our search for you.  This service is also free of charge concerning our American client states.

If you should have any further questions, or if we may be of any additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at Tel: +917.338.4911 or at e.mail:

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