North American Trade Newsletter #1

North American Trade Newsletter #1

January 27, 2019

North American Trade Newsletter


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To:       Regional Importers

From:   Mr. Seth J. Vogelman, Director

Date:    19 June 2018

Re:       North American Trade Newsletter #1 – June 2018

North American Trade Newsletter #1 features companies and products from our client province of Ontario.  All are looking for agents, representation or distribution in the region. 

  1. Plastic Drywall Tools, Drywall Accessories & Adhesive Spreaders
  2. Oil Bypass Filtration Systems
  3. Seating & Positioning Systems for Wheelchairs
  4. Consulting Engineering for Aerospace, Military & Nuclear Industries
  5. Seating Platforms, Bleachers, Retractable Stages and Gymnasium Equipment
  6. Amine Reclamation Systems
  7. Modular Thermal Treatment and WTE Technology for Solid Waste
  8. Canadian Standard Home Medical Devices

►To receive additional information about these companies, please contact our office. 

Please send us your complete company details when asking for information on the North American firms.  This will help us to have the company to reply to you in a fast and efficient manner.

(1) IP produces its own line of Plastic Drywall Tools, drywall accessories and adhesive spreaders as well as providing custom molding for various customers.  IP has 3 DIY product systems:

  1. Mini Mastic: including nail hole/crack fillers for drywall and concrete.  4 high quality caulking versions: white and translucent for kitchen/bathroom, woodfiller and grout.
  2. Mudgun:  applies the perfect line of joint compound on drywall joints.
  3. Hand Sander with interchangeable connections for pole attachment or hand use. 

►Looking for a stocking distributor.

(2) G2F is ISO 9001:2015 certified in manufacturing, design and distribution of Oil Bypass Filtration Systems.  G2F products allow the various industries to acquire huge dollar savings with a significant impact on the environment.  G2F is designed for Low Pressure (LP) and High Pressure (HP) applications.  There are 3 different sizes of high-pressure models and low pressure models.  G2F maintains oil viscosity and prevents valves from failing; increasing equipment performance and dramatically extends oil and hydraulic component life.  The G2F Filter System operates on a bypass; filtering down to 1 micron in contamination removal and water at a rate of 99.97%.  G2F is looking for a Sole Exclusive Distributor for Israel.

(3)  VWSS is a manufacturer of ADP approved Seating and Positioning Systems for Wheelchairs, including cushions and back supports.  Since 1992, VWSS has been developing memory foam products that significantly redistribute pressure to maintain skin integrity, provide positioning support and comfort.  Their cushions, which are made up of the VerySOFT, VerySOFT-DLT, VIVE, VIVE-DLT, EPIC and EPIC Plus, are designed to meet users’ varying needs.  Back supports (the VIVA, VISCOUNT and VIRTUOSO) accommodate any wheelchair frame and provide excellent seating support for the user.  Their VG Arm Trough, VG Half Lap Tray and VG Full Lap Tray provide comfort and arm support for the users.  

(4) TE is a Consulting Engineering, Certification and Qualification Testing Company serving the aerospace, military and nuclear industries.  TE‘s specialties are in Mechanical and Structural areas, such as: equipment design and development; piping design and stress analysis; pipe hangers design and analysis; machine design; automation; instrumentation and controls; implementation of quality assurance systems, procedures and training.  The company has diversified experience in many fields, including Nuclear Power Plants, Aerospace, Military and Chemical & Petrochemical.  TE is looking for an agent in Israel.

(5) SS manufactures Seating Platforms, Bleachers, Retractable Stages and Gymnasium Equipment, including custom platforms and telescopic seating solutions.  They have installations in over 39 countries.  Their retractable stages are designed to provide an answer to the problem of space limitations.  Available in two models, Recessed Mounted, which retracts into the wall and Surface Mounted which folds up against an existing wall.  SS has a complete line of Basketball Backstops and Goals to suit any indoor or outdoor area.  The backstops are available in several different styles and composition. Back boards are available in steel, glass or wood.  Looking for agents and contractors.

(6)  ET manufactures Amine Reclamation Systems used in refineries and petrochemical plants.  Amine circuits experience accumulation of impurities called Heat Stable Salt (HSS) formed through the degradation of amine, oxidation of H2S, or presence of carbon monoxide or cyanide in the process gas.  Symptoms of excessive HSS levels.  ET’s amine reclamation systems are designed to purify contaminated amine, in-situ, and essentially eliminate the common symptoms of high HSS levels.  ET has supplied over 70 systems, worldwide and their clients have come to appreciate the operational and economic benefits resulting from a continuous amine purification system.  Looking for agents.

(7)  EWS is aleading supplier of small and medium size Modular Thermal Treatment and WTE technology for solid waste.  Their proven and scalable solutions range from 1 tonne/day small mobile containerized systems to 300 tonnes/day turnkey municipal energy-from-waste plants.  EWS has successfully deployed over 80 projects in 18 countries.  Their unique dual chamber combustion process, combined with our step-hearth technology, means EWS delivers a proven, bankable solution for military and natural resource companies, small and remote communities and industries looking for waste disposal and energy recovery solutions.  EWS currently is actively seeking a Strategic Partner.  Ideally this Strategic Partner license the technology, manufacture the equipment and develop waste projects.

(8)  TT is a Medical Device Company whose products are designed and manufactured according to the Highest Canadian Standard and are registered and licensed with Health Canada.  Their product line currently includes the following:

  • Wristband Pulse Oximeter:  Built-in rechargeable battery and can also connect to a computer to transfer data to your computer enabling further analysis.
  • Oximeter with PC software:  Flash memory. PC download, software included. Rechargeable battery.
  • Fetal Monitor can detect heartbeats as early as 11 weeks of pregnancy.  It has also has recording feature.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor

►TT is interested in finding an exclusive agent and distributor for their lines.


In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office. 

You are also invited to send us product requests, for we can also attempt to source virtually any product from North American manufacturers.  We request you provide as many specifications as possible, for this will facilitate our search for you.  This service is also free of charge concerning our North American client states.

If you should have any further questions, or if we may be of any additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at Tel: 02.571.0199 or at email:  

Best Regards.