North American Trade Newsletter #2

North American Trade Newsletter #2

January 27, 2019

North American Trade Newsletter


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To:       Regional Importers

From:   Mr. Seth J. Vogelman, Director

Date:    2 July 2018

Re:       North American Trade Newsletter #2 – July 2018

North American Trade Newsletter #2 features companies and products from our client province of Ontario and client states of New Mexico, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  All are looking for agents, representation or distribution in the region. 

9.  Cannabis Pesticide Detection

10.  CBD/THC Formulation Services

11.  Medical Simulation System by Versatile Sensor Enabled Wearable Technology

12.  High Powered (Class IV) Therapy Lasers

13.  Small Chemical Analysis Systems

14.  Toothbrushes, Organic Toothpastes, Flosses & Eco-Friendly Personal Care Line

15.  Seating Platforms, Bleachers, Retractable Stages & Gymnasium Equipment

►To receive additional information about these companies, please contact our office. 

Please send us your complete company details when asking for information on the North American firms.  This will help us to have the company to reply to you in a fast and efficient manner.


9.  ANT’s Pesticide Detection with the ACE-CB1000 System lets cannabis growers, brokers, extractors, processors and dispensaries quickly test their raw cannabis flower & trim, in-process material & extracts, concentrates, and final product for various pesticides and/or toxic/heavy metal contamination.  The system is very easy to use and field portable with results in 5 to 12 minutes.  It provides broad spectrum pesticide and Heavy/toxic metal screening and importantly, has been validated by the U.S. Army and EPA.

10.  ANP provides CBD/THC Formulation Services via its nano-drug delivery technology platform, originally developed for various oncology drugs (phase I trial currently underway at USC medical school), to nano-encapsulate THC and/or CBD active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to enhance solubility (completely water soluble), stability, dose uniformity, time of onset, as well as potency for various recreational consumption (edibles, drinks, etc.) and medical treatments.

11. AVK has created a medical simulation system to address learner’s confidence, competence and compassion at the bedside.  Their versatile sensor enabled wearable technology with haptic feedback to the wearer can be integrated into classroom teaching, large group demonstration, psychomotor skills training, and high-fidelity simulation education.  Maximize your teaching with cutting edge technology that provides focused care for patients with respiratory disease, genitourinary complaints, or intravenous needs. 

12. LC is the world’s leading manufacturer of high powered (Class IV) therapy lasers.  Their non-invasive, side effect free, modality effectively reduces inflammation, speeds healing and eases pain.  The US Olympic basketball team took lasers to Beijing and London, as did the US and Canadian equestrian teams for use with the equine athletes.  During the winter Olympics, the gold medal winning Canadian hockey team used their laser to keep players in the game.


13. DT designs and manufactures small chemical analysis systems that are marketed for environmental and security applications.  DT’s flagship product, the FROG-5000™, is a portable gas chromatograph (GC) that can analyze air, water, and soil samples for volatile organic chemicals.  Instead of waiting weeks for results, DT’s customers can receive laboratory quality data in real-time without paying for a room full of equipment and trained chemists.  Looking for qualified agents and distributors.


14. RAD designs and manufactures critically-acclaimed toothbrushes, organic toothpastes, innovative flosses and eco-friendly personal care accessories.  Their premium toothbrushes are designed for both children and adults and are ergonomically-correct for right-and-left-handed users.  They’re designed for comfort and improved function.  All RAD toothbrushes are made primarily from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.  RAD toothbrushes last longer, because they use premium bristles and contain 300% more bristles than the average toothbrush.

RAD alsomanufactures pioneering USDA certified Organic toothpastes for adults and children.  They also offer natural flosses, including natural biodegradable silk floss.


15.  Established in 1978, Sheridan Seating is a Canadian manufacturer of seating platforms, bleachers, retractable stages and gymnasium equipment.  Sheridan Seating produces custom sized platforms, retractable stages, bleachers and telescopic seating solutions.  They ship and install worldwide with installations in over 39 countries.  Sheridan Retractable Stages are designed to provide an answer to the problem of space limitations. Available in two models, Recessed Mounted, which retracts into the wall and Surface Mounted which folds up against an existing wall. Both of these models have their particular applications in converting classrooms, gymnasiums and cafeterias to other uses such as auditoriums.

Sheridan has a complete line of Basketball Backstops and Goals to suit any indoor or outdoor area.  The backstops are available in several different styles and composition.  Back boards are available in steel, glass or wood.


In order to receive additional information about any of these inquiries, please contact our office. 

You are also invited to send us product requests, for we can also attempt to source virtually any product from North American manufacturers.  We request you provide as many specifications as possible, for this will facilitate our search for you.  This service is also free of charge concerning our North American client states.

If you should have any further questions, or if we may be of any additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at Tel: 02.571.0199 or at e.mail:  

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