What's New at EDI - November 2016

What’s New at EDI – November 2016

November 20, 2016

EDI Hosts Hong Kong’s Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce

During the week of November 13th, EDI will host Mr. Gregory So, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development.  He is visiting Israel to meet with officials of the Ministries of Economy and Tourism to bring them up to date on opportunities in Hong Kong and to explore cooperation between the two locations.  He will also pay a courtesy visit to the Chinese Ambassador to Israel, Mr Zhan Yongxin and meet with a number of Israeli startups to speak about opportunities for them in Hong Kong.  Invest Hong Kong is the foreign direct investment promotion arm for the Special Administrative Region.  EDI has represented the interests of InvestHK in Israel for the last four years.  EDI VP for Strategy & Business Development, Michael Platt, hosted Mr. So.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to Lead Trade Delegation to Israel

Mississippi Governor Bryant will make his third visit to Israel in the last 24 months heading a 22 person trade delegation interested in pursuing business relationships with Israeli firms.  During his visit, he will speak at a NEXTECH, a major Israeli tech conference and meet with government leaders as well as representatives of Israel’s defense industry to discuss their locating US facilities in Mississippi.  EDI represents the trade and investment interests of the state in the Middle East.  Following his visit, senior executives of the Mississippi Development Authority will travel to Jordan and the UAE to explore potential in those two locations as well, accompanied by EDI Special Events Manager, Aviva Lewis.

Illinois to Host Meeting of its Overseas Representatives

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will host a confab of its overseas representatives from December 4-10.  During the visit, the group will meet with state officials, participate in an event honoring top exporters and will meet with a variety of companies interested in exploring export opportunities.  EDI represents the trade and investment interests of Illinois in the Middle East.  EDI Trade Director Seth Vogelman will represent EDI at the event.


International Business Group to Meet in Williamsburg, Virginia in December

The International Business Group (IBG), an association of 20 business development companies worldwide will hold its annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia during the week of December 4th.  EDI is a founding member of the group whose members span the globe from Australia to Singapore, India, South Africa, Europe, the US and Central & South America as well.  The meeting will interface with that of SIDO, the State International Developers Organization who are holding their winter meeting in the same city.  Among other activities, IBG will host a dinner for the SIDO delegates.  EDI President Sherwin Pomerantz will represent EDI at the meeting.

EDI to Participate in Annual Meeting of Invest Hong Kong Worldwide Office Representatives

During the week of December 4th, Invest Hong Kong will host its worldwide representatives for a strategy session at its headquarters in Hong Kong.  With close to 60 offices worldwide, the conclave provides an opportunity for the foreign and domestic staffs to interface and for the visitors to interact with the Hong Kong business community as well.  EDI has recently been awarded a contract to represent Invest Hong Kong in Israel for another two years.  EDI VP for Strategy & Business Development and Lead Israel Consultant for InvestHK, Michael Platt, will represent EDI at the event.